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Dilan is a Actor/Singer/Writer who debuted his first album 3.14 this year and will debut in his first major role in the film, Hollow Point, next year. Dilan was born in Los Angeles, California and has been a DJ since he was 12. In his formidable years as an entertainer, Dilan DJ’ed/Produced music. As a writer, Dilan penned a deal with Benny Medina, to co-produce a film he wrote and will be staring in.


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Hollow Point

Released in 2019

Hank Cormac (Luke Gross) is a lawyer and a charismatic vigilante who leads a team of crime fighters waging a private war against the criminal underworld lead by the vicious Trigger (Jay Mohr).  When the legal system fails Nolan Cooray (Dilan Jay) whose wife and child are killed in a cross fire by a notorious crime boss, Cooray joins Hank and crew out for payback leaving his moral compass spinning out of control…

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