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How to Be More Confident with Women debunks the lofty subject of meeting women in 7 easy steps that even the most introverted or awkward of guys can apply with success.

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7 steps from confusion to confidence and success with women

Dilan Jay’s breakout book illuminates fundamental social truths that blow weird dating gimmicks and games out of the water, making previous dating books for guys smell like trash. How to Be More Confident with Women is written in a casual, dude-to-dude tone reminiscent of shooting the s**t with a homie at a bar, replacing beer with long-lasting confidence restoration. Through seven easy-to-digest chapters laced with occasional comic strips, Dilan Jay proves that meeting women shouldn’t be a complicated military strategy, but a friendly interaction that’s easy for both parties to experience. Further, men learn the power of intention, and that the best dating interactions include zero fixation on dating hype, sex, nor looking cool.

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