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Be More Confident With Women and Get a Great Girlfriend

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What is the How To Be More Confident With Women Course

The Confident Man Course is the only course of its kind, which offers over 7 hours of video training from Dilan Jay, based on the teachings of his book How To Be More Confident With Women. This course delivers 7 steps to becoming more confident with women, without using pick-up tactics, games, or online dating. If you’re new or old to dating, and you’ve either been unsuccessful or need a confidence overhaul, this is the program for you! 

Who is the How To Be More Confident With Women Course for?

The How To Be More Confident With Women Course is for any single man who wants to become more confident with women, meet a girl, get a girlfriend, or rehabilitate their dating game completely. No matter what walk of life you come from, the How To Be More Confident With Women Course is the most practical, real-life program designed for genuine men who want to master dating, without mastering head games.

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We Help Men Just Like You...

Men new to dating
Men new to dating
Men who are reformed players wanting to find their life partners
And men who simply need to find the woman of their dreams.

Week 1

The #1 Approach To Go Out & Meet Women Right Now

Week 2

How To Know What A Woman Wants Within 10 Seconds

Week 3

How To Make Any Woman Want You 

Week 4

How & Why To Leverage A Wingman To Meet More Women

Week 5

How To Meet Tons Of Women WITHOUT Being A Player


Week 6

Create A Domino Effect By Opening Up Your World

Week 7

Identify The 4 Qualities Vital To Find The Woman Who’s Actually Right For You 

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The Complete How To Be More Confident With Women Course

  • 7 Hours of Real Talk on Dating, Women, Meeting People, Confidence, Social Skills, & Finding the RIGHT Girl
  • NO Hitting on Women
  • NO Pick-Up Tactics
  • NO Online Dating
  • Lifetime Access
  • Learn At Your Own Pace

And I’ve got some good news…  


Receive an 8th video module from Dilan’s girlfriend that’ll mythbust what you think women want… stop believing and operating on lies that cut your confidence down, and learn EXACTLY what women REALLY want from men! 


A ONE-TIME ONLY OFFER, receive a free one-on-one Zoom call with Dilan Jay, the author himself, to personally laser in on your problems, give you custom advice for your situation, and get your on the right track with your dating life! 


Receive a free copy of Dilan’s book How To Be More Confident With Women: 7 Easy Steps For The Genuine Guy (Morgan James Publishing) when you sign up for the Confident Man Course now!

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How To Be More Confident With Women Course

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I challenge you to try the Confident Man Course to help yourself be a better man… it’s what your future girlfriend would want! 

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